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Free Plugin Select N'Go v2.0 Release

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Guest FCSTools


What is Select N’Go?

Select N’Go exports the selected object/s from your project scene to your custom directory.

Select N’Go Takes Exporter allows you to export FBX, ABC, DAE animation clips takes on the selected object from your scene in a multi file output.

New Features:

Global Updates:

  • Open export folder after export.
  • Recent export folder is added.
  • Message Log as been added.

Updates in Select N’Go:

  • New UI changes.
  • Import Mode is back!
  • The ability to open export folder after export.
  • A recent export menu has been added.

Updates in Select N’Go Takes Exporter:

  • New UI changes.
  • Ability to save project presets.
  • There are now 60 Takes Slots.
  • Multi Component Export  (Export multiple object animations).
  • More Export Formats been added (.FBX | .ABC | .DAE).
  • Play button added to play each clip take.

System Requirements:

  • PC or Mac capability of running
  • Capability of running versions of Cinema 4D – R16, R17, R18, R19.
  • Always run Cinema 4D as administrator.

Download Plugin: http://www.fieldcreatorsstudios.com/selectngov2/

Website: http://www.fieldcreatorsstudios.com/

Our Forums: http://www.fieldcreatorsstudios.com/forum/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FCSTools/


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