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Created an animated short: BAKKIE PLEUR

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Hi peeps!

For the last two weeks I have been working on this 3D animation I made in c4d and I thought to share it here. The animation is called Bakkie pleur which is a Dutch dialect word for a cup of coffee. This has been made for a school assignment in which we had to make a 3D animation in less than two weeks. Everything you see has been done in c4d except the grading and editing. Let me know what you think of it and I'm always happy to hear feedback :)


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  • 24 minutes ago, digitvisions said:

    Hi, It's looking great considering you only had two weeks for animation and modelling.

    Thanks! yes 2 weeks is pretty short but it was lots of fun. I hope next time for more time so that I can focus more on texturing, modelling and animating

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    Ha!  I particularly love the alarm clock animation.  The shift in exposure when the camera moves through the window is a nice touch.  It's funny how we have to employ a lot of effects that are byproducts of physical cinematography.

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