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UV map looks warped

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CGIHercules    6

I am making a UV maps from scratch for this model and what surprizes me is that some of these tiles (polygons) seem to be so jammed and unevenly shaped compared to the other ones even after I applied RELAX UV. Why is that so when you can tell that my model has even polygon topology and kind of smooth flow where every face is similar in size? Why does the UV map show discrepancy ? Especially outsides of the map.

Thank you



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Rectro    497



There is a few things that contribute to this.


1: choosing the best seams to allow it to relax, all it can take is adding one more seam down the middle and it will allow the Uvs to relax more

2: Lack of symmetry will give you inconsistent results, I dont even know If C4D UV tools has symmetry, if not thats very poor.

3: The UV Unfold algorithm as in how it goes about calculating the unfold.


Hitting relax a few more times should fix it if the algorithm is good, but if you dont have  symmetry its not going to be consistent either side. In the image below I take a similar shape to yours, but I bring it into Unfold3d, I choose the same seams as you, and hit unfold.  As you can see even with less seams cut with symmetry it gets it even each side.  Also note that with just two more seams from edges down the middle relaxes it much better.  You need to see a heat map, and be able to apply a checker texture, I hope C4D has both.


Sorry I cant help directly within C4D but this is so simple geometry that even C4D Uv tools should get this good if you have symmetry at hand.



block head uv cut.jpg

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CGIHercules    6

Hi Dan, thank you a lot for your input. I am sure C4D has all of those tools it's just that I literally just started learning about UV mapping and I am going with C4D as that's what I was recommended on this forum so I can get the jist of how it's done and basics. But I also considered getting Unfold3D as it seems  that everybody loves it and that it gets the job done easier than C4D.

 I also found out last night by trial and error that unchecking these thw options PIN BORDER POINTS and PIN TO NEIGHBORS yields  much better more precise results.

But what is that RELAX UV thing suppose to do ? That tool was always a mystery to me even in sculpting programs. You said hit it few more times. Is that like flattening the UVs even more ?


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