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R17 Team Render Client set up - help

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Guest VMPMP   

Hey Guys,


I am trying to set up a client PC to test the team render function in R17.

But I get the following error from Cinema 4D when adding the client pc: 'Could not reach remote machine due to a timeout'


Both Pc's have the same os Windows 7 ultimate, both have same C4D versions too.

I am able to see both pc's via network and go into their folder etc.


What could be the issue?


I haven't done anything yet with the TR server app.


Thanks for any help!



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jed    320

Make sure TR server and client are allowed, both private and public, in Windows firewall. I use static IP addresses for TR machines - check you have specified the correct ports. There's 10 videos on setting up TR at Cineversity here.

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