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Lets make a movie using C4D: Indie4D

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Would everyone at the Cafe be interested in collaborating to create a movie using primarily just C4D?


To start with I have created a website called http://www.indie4d.com to explain the idea.


I would like to have a nice showcase for what C4D can do, similar to how the Blender crowd have created their tech demo movies.


For myself, I would like to create the website that helps everyone collaborate and streamline the process for creating a film. It would allow people to connect, upload ideas for scripts, models, sound, character design etc...  create lists of tasks and jobs for all the shot breakdowns, let people put their names to a job, basically keep track of everything including all the assets used for the creation of the movie. I also have a plugin that will allow everyone involved to be connected directly in C4D (like Skype), allowing you to directly communicate as well as drag and drop anything in c4d to your fellow movie maker friend (images, models, presets, stamps, objects from the OM...). This would also be hooked into the website to allow everyone to download content from the website directly into their scenes (model, textures, full scenes, music, light setups, layouts, presets etc...)


If people would be interested in this idea then just let me know and I can start building the full website.


This may work in well with the new Filmmakers club. Were everyone can discuss techniques about how to make films, and apply those skills to an actual film in the process.


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