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Workflow tips for long sequences?

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My 12-minute film was almost entirely one continuous time/space. I had one compressed moment (a series of 4 quick shots), and a 40-second montage of stills. Everything else took place in real time and never left the main character (he wasn't in every single shot, just there was never a cut-away to something going on elsewhere).


I started by blocking entire sections of the film in a single project file. I still see many benefits to doing it this way and using a Stage object to make the cuts between cameras, but I eventually abandoned this because any tiny change in timing became a huge burden. If, for example, I wanted to slow down an action in frames 100-120 by 10 frames, that meant I had to shift everything after frame 120, ten frames later in the timeline. This means that my shot from 730 - 850 was now occurring during frames 740-860. I'd have to update the render settings for that shot to reflect the new frame range. If I had already rendered that shot, I'd have to either leave the mismatch in the image sequence files, or rename the image files with the adjusted frame numbers).

Before long, I had pretty much abandoned this process.  Every single shot got saved as a separate project file. If I needed a match cut from one shot to the next, I'd keyframe everything at the last frame of shot one, re-save the scene file as shot two, then start animating the next action.  That allowed me to expand/compress shot 1 without impacting any of the other shots (as long as the final frame of one shot continued to match the first frame of the next shot).


Does anyone else have any other methods to manage long sequences?

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