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Convert integer to string

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Hi guys,


My question is fairly easy i guess. I try to convert an integer to a string with the str() method. However the console gives me this feedback "Node Python. Output1 expected float, not str". Are there seperate string globals? 


Many thanks

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I understand programming in general, but not Python specific. However, it sounds like you're converting an integer variable to a string and trying to assign it to Output1. But Output1 doesn't accept strings, it only accepts floats. So you might need to convert the integer to a float rather than a string. In some languages, you don't need to convert it all because and integer is basically a float with all zeros after the number. i.e. int 1 = float 1.0. So maybe you don't have to convert it at all.

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Default ports, when you make a new Python node, are float (real). You should remove the output port (double click) and make a new one, type string.


This caught me out when I first used Python. I'd got into bad habits due to using XPresso, where anything can be connected to anything. Python is fairly strict in this matter.

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