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IQP Drinks Bottle Challenge - Finals


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Well done everyone who took part in this one - here's where you upload your final images. We'd like at least 3 wireframes showing all aspects of the model, and 1 optional render. If you want to upload your C4D file as well that's also fine (and extra helpful for judges).


This thread will close 3am GMT 01/11/2017, so please make sure you get your entries in by this time.


Results will be up a couple of days later. Good luck !



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Dear Cerbera, 

I'm pretty new to this type of challenges. I worked some days to figure out how to make it.... In attachment my result in PNG.

The c4d files are sightly bigger so i'll send in 2 times.

I hope I did a decent job :-) 


Paolo from italy







main boby3.jpg

main body0.jpg

main body1.jpg

main body2.jpg

main body4.jpg

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Ok, that's a little disappointing. But with just the one entry for this challenge, there can pretty much only be one winner, can't there ?! :/ 


We did have a few more  people trying in the WiP thread, it's a shame they couldn't make it to final, but we accept people are busy and sometimes don't have time to get these things done, even though we thought a month was pretty generous, time-wise. @VECTOR and I will discuss the future of the challenges, and try and work out if there is enough interest to continue.




Edit: see below - challenge extended for a couple of days...

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11 minutes ago, mrittman said:

Has a winner been selected for this by chance?

Nearly. Me and vecs have been quite busy this week. Results coming soon, hopefully early this week ;)

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