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I have been looking for a while to create a plugin that would allow me to display any kind of things.

My first try at such plugin was PointShower, which was created on request of a forum member, who wanted to visualize object's points when the object was not selected.

That was a tag plugin, and hence could be added to objects separately.


I wanted to extend this functionality and therefore created this new ShowMe plugin, which was intended to display more than only points. But more importantly, I didn't want to have to always add a tag to an object in order to display the wanted information, and thus created this plugin as being part of the scene.

However, I also realized that in some situation it would be handy to only display information for some objects only (be these active/selected or not).

As such, I created a dual purpose plugin. Accessible to the whole scene, or for specific objects only (via the ShowMe tag).

The tag gets precedence over the scene: settings defined on the global scene level are thus overwritten by the tag settings.


As this is still a work in progress I only implemented the features I currently needed.

More options will be added over the lifetime of the plugin, and as such will probably remain a work in progress.


early wip demonstration video:


Windows version only (for now), R17 and higher.


ShowMe 03.zip

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Thanks again for sharing! :) 

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