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UV - Multiple objects, single texture

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Hello, guys.


After taking the time to watch the magnificent tutorial about Bodypaint from 3dKiwi, I was able to finnaly unwrap a fairly complex model with lots of objects. But the thing is I wanted to arrange the separate uvs in single maps according to materials, i.e, all metal objects in one single map, all plastic objects in another single map and so on. I was able to finish the task after reading some threads here, but I was wondering if I'm missing something.


The process I used for each desired map was:

1 - Unwrap each object separately (no problem with that, thanks to 3dKiwi)

2 - Put all the objects under a connect object (disable the welding and set the phong mode as manual)

3 - Make it editable (Current state to object)

4 - Go to the UV Edit layout and use the realign command to arrange the uvs (enabling the equalize island size)

5 - Select each separate object (using the fill selection command in polygon mode) and split one by one into a new object

6 - Then pasting each resulting uv tag to the respective original object


The problem I encountered with this proccess was that after splitting the objects (step 5) some resulting uvs couldn't be used on the original objects:

     1 - their uv poygons didn't match the respective original model polygons,

     2 - In some cases they would indeed match but the uv polygons were disconnected (they looked ok in the map but after using the realign command as a test each uv polygon was separately arranged, meaning they didn't form a single island no more)

     3 - In a few cases, both things happened.


Whenever that was the case I just used the splitted object from the connect directly in place of the original instead of just pasting the uv tags, cos' with the splitted objects the uvs resulted ok in all cases. But that was a problem, cos' I had to rearrange the axis and correct the phong on each one.


As I said, I was able to do it and i like the result very much (It's my first unwrapped model ever), but I got the feeling that this proccess seems like a kludge (I don't know if this is the adequate term... In Brazil we have the word "gambiarra" for things like that, for when a strange and messy improvised measure is used in the lack of a formal solution). So I was wondering if you guys have any tips for solving this matter in another way (without using another software).




PS: I'll attach some images of the aforementioned model.


06 (20 passes) (3-3-2-4).jpg


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