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Viewport issue in Perspective

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My perspective viewport has a weird thing going on. I've uploaded a screen shot; sorry it's a photo taken with my phone. First the wireframe is partially dissapearing into the object and second the object seems to vanish into an invisible wall on the back but on a diagonal. This is the only object in the scene. I assume I turned on something by mistake but what?

thanks for any suggestions. 


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looks like you've got hypernurbs enabled, in which case the mesh does disappear into the model. Im unsure whats happening on the diagonal...it might be worth uploading the scene file so people can have a look. ::):

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It's very hard to tell from that screenshot. The resolution looks extremely low. You probably need to upload a scene file for people to help fully.

16 minutes ago, Hart said:

vanish into an invisible walk on the back but on a diagonal.

Not exactly sure what you mean by this but a guess is that it's a scale issue and maybe clipping is causing issues. What size is your model? If it's really tiny or very large compared to a default cube the following may help resolve it.


Go to Edit>Project Settings and under the Project Settings tab, you'll find View Clipping. Change that to different choices to see if that resolves the issue.


It also looks like you don't have Hardware OpenGL switched on in Edit>Preferences>OpenGL and/or low Anti-Aliasing which means the resolution is low.

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  • Sorry for the lousy image. My computer is having network issues so I took a literal screen shot with my phone. 


    So it was the viewport clipping. My model is about 1 meter. I had clipping on "tiny" which I usually work in. I have not seen this affect before where it clips when you zoom out too far. Maybe all my models were too small to see it. 

    Thanks for the help. I never would have checked that!

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