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i made this little project to get familiar with redshift, which i bought about two weeks ago. i tried to squeeze in as much as possible to learn a few things like how to do displacement, volumetrics, fog, blurry transparency and SSS with redshift. the swamp scene rendered 12 minutes at 1080p on a single gtx1080ti, the most expensive thing in there was the SSS, without it the render took only around half the time. if i had rendered that with physical i would have waited half a day for the render to finish. just so much more convenient to go to the fridge, grab a beer, and when you come back it's done. :Banane21: 

redshift is really so much fun, instant feedback on the IPR, even with heavy stuff. the look dev alone would have taken 10 times longer otherwise. best 500$ spent in a long time.


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HOLY !!!! Don't give me this "I just found this redshift thing on the ground and thought I'd give it a go....." 


This is fantastic. The crocodile is remiscient of the Preston Blair croc and is wonderful. Add to that your rendering of the swamp with the fade in focus and fog in the background. I am totally envious. I both applaud you and hope a meteorite hits your computer.



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