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Guest squipple

Moving a keyframed animation

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Guest squipple

I've keyframe animated several objects, and need to move (and scale) the entirety of this animation to different coordinates in the scene so they sit in front of my tracked camera (from AE). I have bend modifiers, spline wraps and translations. In every other animation software I've used, you parent everything to a null and move/scale as needed. From what I can find, this is not the way it's done in C4D.

I've seen things that say to put the animation under two nulls, but when I move things the animation moves away from the null and it scales everything oddly when I try to scale. 

Is there really no way to do this in C4D or am I missing something? 

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It should work if you place everything under a Null and scale and change position of the Null under the Coord tab.


The one thing that might be complicating the issue is where you mention an AE tracked camera. Are your objects under the Null keyframed or just your camera? If it's only your camera that's keyframed, then obviously it isn't going to work. One thing to check is that you're not placing the camera under the Null as well if your objects are keyframed.


There may be a reason it's not working for you that's specific to your scene. Can you explain what isn't working for you when you place your objects under a Null.

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