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Blue metal texture

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Hello! I'm still new with C4D and i want to know how to make this kind of texture that looks premium and luxurious with blue color. Similar to the references down below. Has the shine and all. And if anyone knows any tips or whatever that will bring me to his goal please tell me! I'd appreciate any help from you guys. :) And i'll add some pictures for the texture i'm pining for. (Please keep it free since i'm pretty broke hahaha)


Here's some references : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K_a7SZx6yM&feature=youtu.be



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This look (which isn't platinum metal btw, which looks nothing like this!) will depend heavily on a) the accuracy of your modelling, b) the reflections in your scene, and c) the materials themselves. In your reference pic that looks like 1 coloured tube inside another glass tube, so the first step is to begin with a similar structure in your model. Once you have that, the outer layer is just plain glass (see any number of tutorials online for how to make that), and the inner looks like it also should be transparent, but only partially and you would add the blue colour with absorption in the transparency channel.


Apart from that, most of the work here is being done by reflection, so you need a very contrasty HDRI applied to a Sky Object to give you that, unless you do it manually with physical lights (that show in reflection) in your scene.





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