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UV Selection Colours

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It seems that R17 has developed a bug in the UV selection colours. When I am in UV Edit mode and I select some UVs with the Live Selection Tool or the Rectangular Selection Tool all the colours for 'Ghosted Polygons, Inactive Polygons, Active Polygons, Inactive Points and Active Points' are all black...


This is a nightmare when trying to do any UV work since you cannot seee what you have selected. I have deleted the preferences and the colours in the UV edit mode have gone back to default orange but all the selection colours are black in the Attributes window. Seems to have done this since installing R19.


Anyone got any ideas?

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I use Windows & R19.024 Studio. I can't seem to replicate this issue. Can you be very specific about the steps you do to recreate the problem and/or post screenshots that illustrate the problem.


Issues like that can be related to graphics drivers, so ensure they are up to date.


Note : Your Bio says R18.039 Broadcast, so you might want to update the specifics about version and revision there too. Your first sentence starts out about R17, so you might want to edit that as well.


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Changing colors inside attribute manager under some kind of selection mode (colors tab) is kind of trap :) Not good idea to play with it.

Go to preferences/Scheme Colors/Editor Colors and at the bottom are UV Mesh color options. Select UV Active Points, copy color (or paste into swatches), open UV Mesh Active Polygons and paste color...(or set your own)




...and yes, it´s known feature ;)

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  • Hi Guys


    Thanks for the replies! All fixed now and I kinda figured it might be a bug. Still doesn't show the colours in the Live or Rectangular selection attributes but I am not going to touch that now.


    AB Motion, sorry for the confusion on the versions of C4D, I have R19 but I sometimes use older versions since some of my clients are not on the latest release. Indeed one of my customers is still using R14 which is a bit painful at times - especially since it doesn't have the Texture Manager.

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