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Leaving trail in snow from single object

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Hi all!

I'm working on this project for an animation where a snowman is jumping to move it self forth. Now when he jumps trough the snow he must leave some kind of hole where he landed. I want to do this from a single object. So the floor is a cube (with enough subdivs) what is the best way to leave him a hole where he landed? Also when he jumps another step the hole must remain where he previously was. and create another hole where he jumps next. I hope you guys have a good tip that will help me out. Thank you :)

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  • 33 minutes ago, digitvisions said:

    Hi, I think Collision deformer will this. Just google it there are a few tutorials out there.



    1 minute ago, Cerbera said:

    Came here to say that :)



    Yes thank you. I already tried that. But didn't find a way to let the mark stay when he jumps further. But i will look in to it more and I'm sure I'll find a way. thanks!

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