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vray & cinema 4D

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I just started to use Vray with C4D. In my scen I have some lights that are made out of splines and objects. when I hit render (a preview) all lights made out of objects... don't affect the scen/render. I have added a lght-tag (vray) on all lights and also the objects that I use as lights. Am I doing something wrong in order to make this work or is it not possible to use objects as light when using vray?




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You can put a luminance channel to the shader of an object (vrayAdvancedMaterial) and than it will emit light. Vray does not work with Cinema 4D materials, but there is a Vray Material Converter included in the Vray menu.


I advise to ask for detailed help at the Vray for Cinema 4D forum. There are a lot of experts around.

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Depending on the effect you're going for, there are two ways to use objects as lights in VRay. 


1. As @Visionnext stated, you can use the Luminance channel of the VRayAdvMaterial shader. To make it emit light (effect GI), enable 'Direct Light'.


2. Mesh light. You add a VrayLight to the scene and set its type to 'Mesh' and set the target object. It can work with procedural objects, but better results will come from flattened/editable mesh objects with some amount of polygon subdivisions/density.

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