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Houdini 16.5 looks amazing

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The latest Houdini does look great.  Really really good.  The fact that their indie version is so cheap is even better.  I installed the free version a year or more back on my iMac to have a look, couldn't get it to run as my machine is several years old now and I think just under the wire as far as minimum GPU specs go.  SideFX were very responsive on the forum when I mentioned this, but I decided to leave it there until I could afford a machine that could do it justice.


My uninformed guess about some lingering C4D issues.  Rick and Paul mentioned a couple of years back (post R17) in a  Q&A that unified dynamics were coming in the 'next few versions'.  ("It's coming... will be out within the next few releases" etc).  Stuff like cloth and Pyrocluster and other bits and pieces that would benefit from being redone and using those unified dynamics to interact have had to wait, and the dynamics have had to wait for the big new core to finally land.  So Core>Dynamics>Redone legacy features that need to use both, and R20 might go someway (who knows) along that line to get that train rolling.  I could be totally wrong though.


Cutman's feedback is very valuable.  I'm stuck with AE and basic Cineware and am learning the long neglected basic components of my Creative Cloud sub right now, but I read the forums and pay attention to the annual comments thread post C4D release each year.  I always figure if Cutman nods and approves of something then MAXON have really done something decent, and if he's still negative then it means MAXON have more work to do.  

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