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Vladyslav    0

Hi everyone. I have a question. I want to try creating a plugin and now I am looking for idea for the future plugin. Perhaps somebody have an idea, what would be nice for cinema 4d users ?

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Cerbera    1,274

Excellent plan :) I'd like to see some Max style modelling tools in C4D, including but not limited to:


  • Face and edge constraints, meaning that points stay on faces as they are moved. We have the slide tool, but not for face constraints.
  • Set Flow - Takes selected point / edge / poly and matches surrounding curvature.
  • Make Planar - takes any selection and makes planar on X, Y or Z or custom / interactive plane.
  • Open SubDiv that works with UV's.
  • Push modifier - moves faces edges or points along their individual (not averaged) normals.
  • Shell - adds inner and / or outer thickness, with optional control loops
  • ProBoolean -  boole toole that only creates quads.
  • Regularizer - like an enhanced points-to-circle script, but also equalizes edge distance, and works on multiple selections at once and respects face constraints.
  • End Loop - automatically terminates / ends edge loops.

Is that enough to be going on with - I have more ;) Anyway, thanks for listening...



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