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Multi-pass rendering/compositing

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I was wondering if anyone would be able to help, not sure if I'm missing something obvious? I'm setting up a multi-pass render with some toon/ao etc.

The problem I have is that the beauty pass has those effects too already and I'd like to have a 'raw' image so I can control everything in post. What's the best way to do it? Should I render out one full animation without any of the effects, and then second pass with super low settings for beauty pass? Or is there a magic switch that could disable the effects on the main pass?


Thanks in advance

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No, there are no magic switches you're missing - you just need to know how compositing reassembles your multipass into a final image.

This does a pretty brief, but decent job of explaining that, but a search on Youtube for 'C4D Multipass' will find you a lot more detail if you need it...



So in summary, no need to render out another version with 'nothing on it' - everything you need is in the multipass, starting with Diffuse at the bottom, and other passes layered on top in various blend modes...



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