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Morphing objects in Cinema 4D

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  • Hi there can anyone link me to a tutorial that teach me how to morph objects in Cinema 4D?

    For example a chair into a dresser.

    Thanks a lot

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    A chair into a dresser is going to be quite hard, because they have almost nothing in common. Pose morph can deal with morphing objects of identical point count, and there are some tricks with lofts and effectors you can do to turn say a coke can into a coke bottle, but when you have 2 totally disparate forms like a chair and a dresser there is no simple / instant way of doing that I am aware of.  There's lots of ways to 'particalize' a transition, but not too many to morph objects if PM can't do it. But it will be possible; it will just be more effort.


    For example, you may have to break it down into parts so that say in one move you animate the chair with its legs shrinking down to nothing, then you might keyframe switch out the flat chair for a simpler model based on the dresser, that can morph into another one in the general shape of the new object, then you might animate in the drawers separately as the main object grows and changes - all sorts of ways to tackle this.


    Could you give us some more detail about what sort of models you have (how they were built,, and what sort of look you're going for - ie photo-real / cartoony etc ? In the meantime, here's a video that shows that sort of thing, though of course it won't be specific to your situation, it might be some use in working out how to design your geometry / transitions so that something like pose morph can help.



    If you search 'C4D morph' on youtube you get a load of other videos that cover the other ways too...



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