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Making 3d objects with 360º photos

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Hi guys, i was wondering if theres possible to make 3d objects with 360º photos of an actual object (like for example a table or a ring, etc)


Anyone knows if this is possible in cinema 4d? i think this could speed up all the modelling part of any render.


My boss have asked this to me and i dont know if this is possible.



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Visionnext    77

I also can recommend Agisoft. You have to take a lot of pictures of an object (e.g. with a DSLR) and load them into Agisoft. The software makes a 3d object (triangles) and maps the texture of the images onto the mesh.


To improve this further, you can switch to a modeller (e.g. zBrush or 3D Coat), clean up the mesh and retopologize it to quads. You can also make a reasonable UV map. Then you import it back to Agisoft and project the images back to the new UV mapped mesh to get the texture files.


You can create bump, normal and other maps with the Substance Suite to get a high quality asset in the end. At least that is the way the RDT (Real Displacement Textures) were made by C. Schindelar.


You find info regarding Agisoft on Youtube.


By the way: They are using Agisoft in their pipline as well (https://www.triplegangers.com/)


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EAlexander    33

If you want to play with some Photogrammetry files - take a look at Sketchfab.  There are a lot of meshes there for download that you can play with (non commercially). I've mixed photo scanned models with traditional modeled elements to get some cool stuff e.g. old buildings and insects).

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