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Sound Effector Decay not rendering

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On 12/5/2017 at 10:37 AM, shodty said:

What I don't understand is if I put the Decay at 100%, it still doesnt have any effect, when in fact it should be freezing in place once it goes up, right?

We keep cross-posting, but...


The Decay at 100% just means it's slower to react to the change. It won't freeze up in place like the viewport shows. If it's set to 0, the Effector evaluates frequencies and loudness in real-time, the higher the Decay, the slower the declining effect is.


But it's pretty much the same issue. If you read through the post you missed, the Render matches the waveform, not the Viewport.


It's not right that's why I suggested going to MAXON Support. It may simply be one of the things that Cinema 4D can't show 100% correctly in the viewport (there are other things that have the same issue) or it could be something they need to look at.

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