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Pixellated Noise Displacements?

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Hi I really want to make a smooth displacement but I keep getting these jaggies. Smoothing does some of the work but I want to keep the steep edges, just with the curves being smooth. I was wondering if the noise image is pixellated? Not sure how this could happen since doesn't it scale up in size without losing quality?

I've also included an image to just show how subdivided it is.






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I don't think the noise is pixelated, but with that sort of displacement I suspect your partial solution is to further increase your already massive subdivision so that there is even more resolution for it to work with. For that reason I would say this is best suited to Sub-polygon displacement so that subdivision only happens at render time. But I should also mention that displacement is famous for not producing clean edges with sharp vertical extrusions, so perhaps the whole approach needs a re-think if you really need that sharpness.



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I doubt SSD (HyperNurbs in r13?) will help you here.


If I want to do something like that, I drop the Noise in the Displacement channel of the material and use a few subdivisions.  Drawback is that it is not real geometry, so you need to use the interactive render region if you wanne see that. But for my simple abstract purposes it t really matter



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