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Shape growth animation

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Hi Everyone,


I need to do a shape growth animation but got stuck as none of the techniques I know seems to be working. I've experimented with MoSpline, Spline wraps etc. but I can't find an easy way of doing this. It's really simple shape animation (as attached), it just has to grow from top to bottom following it's original shape. I even tried animating a boole but this also creates some problems. What would be the best way of doing this? Appreciate any help.




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Is that just a spline in an extrude making your shape ? If so it might be worth trying with spline mask, which is sort of a boole for splines.

If you did want to try that way you should make a second spline that covers the entire original shape, something like below...




Then you'd want to make this the second spline in a spline mask, in B subtract A mode, and then animate the position of it so that it reveals the shape. Lastly you'd just replace the original spline under the extrude with the spline mask.



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  • Thanks man, I've ended up modelling this shapes in a little bit of a different way and just extrude them in one by one.


    Cheers for help and sorry for delay with getting back, was on a tight deadline :)



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