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Subtracting Polygon objects

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Hideaki    0

Hello everyone,


I have started using C4D few days ago, and I'm completely stuck on subtracting 2 polygon objects.


I would like to subtract shelve box and small handle.


As you can see after using Boole tool in order to subtract them, surface has strange lines, which are not expected.

Is this because I use Boole tool?


Please give me some advise on this.


Thank you very much in advance!



Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 16.21.53.png

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Cerbera    1,968

Yes this is entirely because of the boole, which is just a lazy cheat for people who can't model properly yet :) The best advice I can give you is to learn basic poly modelling, and make that front panel using that method instead, or even with a spline in an extrude. However if you lack the skills to do that, then try upping the segmentation in the box object so the boolean operation has a bit more to work with. It'll still be disgraceful topology, but might improve things a bit, and make it not show in the render.




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Fastbee    78

The point of every polygon has to connect to the point of another polygon to make a surface.  You can minimize this when using a boole by getting the box around the boole part as small as possible.  In this case select the polygon the handle is on before the boole and do an inner extrude.  Scale the new poly until it slightly bigger than the handle.  Now do the boole and it should be better.

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