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Move R13 material library to R18?

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Hi guys,
 I recently purchased C4D R18 for a terrific price...and I LOVE it! However...I have an extensive body of materials and textures for R13 that I cannot seem to load into my R18 materials browser. I've added the new texture path in R18, but I'm hoping to delete R13 since I'm upgrading and do not want to have to load everything from scratch. Is there a safe way to copy and paste all of the texture/material data and then delete R13?

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As it's R13, I can't be absolutely sure of the exact folders/directories etc, and you don't say if you're on Mac or Windows, but the following should hopefully help.


There is a folder called Library (R13 for instance in Windows under C:\Users\Laptop\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Cinema 4D R13\library\browser) - In there will be the list of any .lib4d (library folders) or .cat4d (catalog folders) files that hold your textures & materials if they were added to the Content Browser. So copy those from that library folder from R13 to the relative same folder in R18.


If you hadn't added them to the Content Browser, then they are literally just image files, so you can add them via the Texture Paths in Preferences, but I assume that won't be what you're after if you've already tested that and it didn't work. If they are, just make sure the R18 Texture Paths match your R13 Texture Paths and you should be fine.


The best advice I can give you before doing any of this is to backup all the files in the directories, again for Windows C:\Users\Laptop\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Cinema 4D R13 and the actual MAXON program folder C:\Program Files\MAXON. That way you can uninstall the program, but have a safety net in case something does go missing.


Have fun with R18...nice leap from R13 in functionality.

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  • Thanks so much. I'll give it a shot after I make a backup. I'm just worried that all of the materials that I have purchased and created over the last 4 or 5 years aren't all gone...that would be horrifically bad at this time of year with all of the new work coming in. Thanks again!


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    As long as you do what I've said and backup those MAXON directories and files, any other normal textures & materials that are scattered on other drives etc., will still be there after you uninstall R13. It's more all the .lib4d and .cat4d files you want to keep.


    You could even do a search for .lib4d and .cat4d files on your drive just make sure you have them all that way as well.


    p.s. Your bio actually says R17, not R13 or R18? You might want to update that as well.

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