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XP4 Techniques Thread

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Zmotive    57

Now that XP4 has been released, it makes sense to have a thread where we can ask questions / get first impressions.


Has anyone received their copy and upgraded yet? 

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nerv    275

I got my serials yesterday. Haven’t had a ton of time, but found a short window to play around with the circle packer, cellular automata, topology-based emissions, and openvdb mesher.  All very cool and capable of great results.  However, the mesher seems to have inverted normals or something that’s resulting in weird-looking renders, when using refractive or SSS materials - at least with Redshift.  I have yet to try it with cycles4D or others. 


Also, kind of a shame that the mesher doesn’t take particle color data like the “deprecated” xpSkinner did (does - it’s still there). 


I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other new features over the next couple of days.  



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SKaiser    23

I've had a quick blast with the Circle Packer. I'll post something shortly. Found a way for Redshift to get the colour data that circlepacker and Emitter gives each particle

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