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Guest mlister

weighting dynamic cloner particles

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Guest mlister

hi guys,


i have a bunch of flower pedals on screen and then blowing off


i'm using a cloner object for the pedals and the wind effector....


is there a way to weigh my clones so some stay onscreen and don't blow away?


i tried moselection tag and ideally that's what i'm looking for but i don't have any sort of control over them apart from PSR...



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You said "Particles" in your Title, but then said you used a Cloner, so the below is a solution for the Cloner Object:


After using the MoGraph Selection to select the petals you want to blow away, drag the MoGraph Selection tag you created into the MoGraph Selection for the Dynamics Body Tag and under the Collision tab, change Inherit Tag to "Apply Tag to Children" and Individual Elements to "All".


The Wind Effector will now only effect those petals selected.



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