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3D-Pangel    190

Lots of speculation possible with this type of announcement, but before we get too far out over our skies, probably best just to assume that continuing to maintain 8+ year old code is a bit ridiculous.  


But it does point to one necessary thing to do for those who have been with C4D for over 5 years now:  Always keep a version of R15 active on your desktop.  Why?  Well, it will form the bridge to R20 for any really old pre-R11.5 files you may have and it was the last version before the new reflectance shader was implemented as well (which is easier to edit than the new version in R16)....so if you want to insure you can still use and easily edit your old files, R15 is probably the version to hold onto.


Which does beg any interesting proposition to MAXON:  It is possible to create a small applet that converts really old C4D files to R15.  Whatever code is used to load an old file and then save that file as R15 is all that would be needed.   It does not need to be part of R20 but just a small external program.  Just a thought.


Relative to loss of C.O.F.F.E.E script capability....I seem to recall that the Vertex Pusher scripts were C.O.F.F.E.E based.  I would assume that the *.CSC extension means Coffee SCript, but that is a pure guess on my part.  Nevertheless, all the VP scripts are *.CSC extensions as well as some (but not all)  scripts in the HB modeling bundles.   Relative to the VP scripts, the Vertex to Center and Points to Circle are must haves and I would hate to lose that capability and while HB has Selection to Circle, the Vertex to Center tools are really helpful with making clean topology possible should you need to close off a cylinder with the close polygon hole tool in C4D.





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Zmotive    57
10 hours ago, thanulee said:

Eg. Very logical assumption, "lets remove stuff that we dont wanna rewrite to be multithreaded" 
U act like u wouldnt want that btw :P chill bro haha



Are you trolling me?


"Remove stuff we don't want to multi-thread"? Like they're forced to re-write everything they don't remove?


I'm as chill as chill can be... bro. Just making the observation that sometimes removing stuff from an app is nothing more than cleaning house. And yes, I take it as a good sign. None of that impacts what I do much, so I won't lose sleep over it either way... but yeah.


Hopefully more (as in additional) substantive updates from MAXON are on the way this winter.

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