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Standalone, private, 360 viewer

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Hi there

I'm interested in the latest upgrade to get the (easy) spherical camera functionality. 
However: I need to figure a way to present this output to clients privately and let them view it on their own devices, offline* and again - privately.

All the apps i seem to find are a subscription model, have limited privacy functions or require an internet connection (YouTube). Am I searching for something that is not there or what am i missing?

Any suggestions? Cheers!


Recap: Render a 360 image, present offline to clients, allow access to clients to view offline. Maintain privacy.

*offline is important as I'm often presenting where the networks are private, unreliable or outside my roaming area.

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There are free desktop computer players that can view 360° video and images such as:

PotPlayer http://potplayer.daum.net/ - Windows only. Full multimedia player that also plays 360° video and images and 3D videos

GoPro VR Player http://www.kolor.com/gopro-vr-player/download/ - Windows & Mac - Plays 360° video & images

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