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A Rainy day in Paris

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8 hours ago, King of Snake said:

That looks good. I think it makes sense to have the polygons flow with the shape of the object as much as possible, even if you are not subdividing.

btw I can really recommend getting Motionworks' modelling training "Making it look great 11" if you haven't done that before. http://motionworks.net/shop/making-it-look-great-11/

There a lot of good modelling stuff on youtube of course but I have to say that this is the best and most complete course I've seen so far, partly since he's working in C4D natively, and Toby Pitman is really nice to listen to, but also because he really starts with basic concepts and techniques and not just showing how to build a complicated model from start to finish (although there are several video's for different objects included as well).
I'm still learning just like you and I found that my understanding and confidence in modelling really improved with this course (and no I'm not affiliated with them ;))

oh i will take a look at that

thanks for the recommendation 

i have more experience with natural enviroment creation (like vue) 

destruction techniques, fluid simulation etc


but i have to master modeling and then i decided to start with a complicated project like eiffel tower

and post a wip in a forum, so people like you can help me to win this challenge 

i lose my early projects cause the HD stopped working permanently... 

my modeling was not so good topologically speaking, it looked pretty ugly but maybe these mistakes help me improve after all, the more you miss, the more you learn :)

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