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Mapping Video To Shader Effector


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Hi guys,


I'm trying to improve the mapping of an animation through the shader effector
onto a set of polygons that I put under a fracture object.


Currently only the top half of my animation is being translated to the surface into colours

so I'm searching for an effective way to scale or place the video in relation to the fracture object.


I included the scene files and some pictures of the scene.
Shader effector.zip




Thanks in advance,

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I can not download your file: "We could not locate the item you are trying to view".


But your question is about mapping, and there is literally a field called mapping in the shader tab of your first screenshot.

(here you can scale and offset the shader you are using)

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@westbam the attachment should now work.


I tried playing with the UV coordinates but it's really impractical since I don't have

a visual reference of where the shader is being moved to.

When putting a '-0.1' in the 'OffsetV' it renders me the lower part of my video but I

can't seem to get it in the middle of the 'fracture object'.

Any idea's on how to fit the whole shader exactly to the dimensions of the object?

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Hello mattide,
 you can make a new material, add the video you have in color channel , it doesn't matter which channel,

then apply the material to your shader effector by going to shading tab > and use channel: color
drag your material to the texture tag inside the shader effector,

add a plane with the material of the video applied to it for visual reference,

then change the projection of the shader material to frontal,
use the texture mode to adjust your UV, "so important to check on enable axis to maintain the footage ratio" 

and here you go

hope i helped

Mapping fix.c4d

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