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  • “Great art picks up where nature ends.”  Marc Chagall 

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Happy New 2018 & 50000 members mark!!

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Happy new year everyone!

This cafe have been a great place to share and discuss ideas and it helped me improve overall, I hope new members find what they are looking for and contribute to the community and make it a better place. 

I hope you get better @Igor

And congratulations for the 50K!

3D is where your dreams come true ... or at least mine :D

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Happy New Year everyone and thanks to all those help me over the last 12 months....here's to the next 12 :oregonian_winesmiley:

Simplicity - Clarity of Expression

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Congratulations to the Cafe for continuing to be a great resource to the C4D community.  This place owes its reputation to those selfless individuals who supported it in the past (3D-Kiwi, 3D-Crew..remember him?) and the present (Igor, HSrdelic, Cerbera, Vector, Rectro, ABMotion, bezo, everfresh, westbam, et. al).  


My hopes for 2018? 


1) That Igor overcomes whatever health issues he is facing.  Very sorry to hear that you are hitting a rough patch right now and I hope you come through it with flying colors.  Until then, my prayers are with you and your family (especially that cute daughter of yours in your avatar.  I grew up while my mother was fighting cancer, so I have some idea of what she may be going through).


2) Long lost friends return to the forum and/or C4D.  Yes....Nigel...I hope you come back to C4D as your tutorials were always appreciated.  Also would like to see Srek return as I always appreciated his frank and honest insights into MAXON. 


3) R20 hits better than 50% of our expectations over what we feel is going to be "the big one".  While you may think 50% is a bit low, I personally think our expectations are too high for a company that places stability, brilliant implementation and software quality as a top priority.   Slow and steady wins the race for me at least.  


4) 3D Quakers releases the next version of Forester.  They had made some statements 9 months ago about the new release late in 2017, so lets hope we hear something soon.  If you look at their home page gallery, they have this terrain with the hills spelling out "Merry Christmas with Forestor" so this could give you some idea of what is cooking for V2.


5) MAXON Labs gets some love.  Great start but would love to see more of what MAXON plays around with in their spare time (assuming that they have some spare time).


6) I find more time to learn and grow with C4D.  Unfortunately, C4D is a hobby and I have family, friends, dog, house, and a day job which always takes priority.  My goal for this year is to focus back on modeling (I started with modeling but have since focused on lighting, texturing, and animation and in the interim the modeling tools kept growing past my capabilities).  My hope is to get back to "stream of conscious modeling" where you think more about "what" you want to do rather than "how" to do it.  In short, the polygons just flow from your mouse almost unconsciously.  I wonder if I can get there with booleans and triangles?  NOT!  :ohmy:


My New Years Resolutions for 2018?


Write shorter posts.


Happy New Year everyone!



Sorry...but I simply do not have enough faith to be an atheist.

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happy new year everyone! i hope everyone stays healthy or gets healthy in the case of igor... 

personally i'm again aiming to get my work-life-balance in order for 2018, and as always i have no clue how to accomplish that. i've been working on the frequency of the use of the word "no" in the past years, somehow that word doesn't seem to mean anything though.


#firstworldproblems :slysmile:

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