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Making anim. short, topology questions ?

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After total retopo I got a pretty smooth nice even model but haaaands are just a MESS. Just notorious. And now I decided just to box model them. Simple 4 finger low poly hands and I just cant get it right. Even after I box modeled them...the smooth well and look cartoon style accurate (missing few knuckle loops but that's finishing details) but HOW in the world do I connect them. Forearm ends in 8 vertex points and his hand has much more. SO I either have to add hella lot of loops into his arms (which will totally mess body geo) or I need to go with tries and possible n gons in his palm. It's just math. No way I can male it work because I can't keep same shape of things when these fingers end in 4 side quads and on the other side is whole body with so many loops. I think I will just have to take some tries no work around it at this point./ Now I see why people box model because retopologizing organic model will inevitably leave you with n-gons and tries. Because it's math, not possible. If you start with a box it will always be a box and sides will subdivide evenly makes whole sense. But if you wanna put 2 pieces together and one is box modeled and other one organic shape...you're pretty much settling for tries and n gons. So that's a lesson I had to learn hard way.




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When you wish to model parts seperate from each other you need to take a count of how many edges your part will need to connect to.  Now if you model very low poly to start with ,then for final mesh you sub d once, then you got more polygons to work with, but thats not a rule, its a way I choose at times.  You either need to model with same amount of edges, but for low polygon meshes there is only so low you can go for the hands to be functional, so you need to create triangles about mid way up the hand before the wrist, then bridge to the triangles to make quad polygons. 


In the ideal situation your hand double the amount, or same amount of edges.  If its not even then you have to improvise yet again, but this shown in the image shows you ideal.  The improvise is to add a extra inside loop to generate two more edges, or weld two edges into a triangle and add a edge just between them.  Use Polygon pen to do this,  Merge both meshes together as one object first.


joint double poly amount.jpg

Connecting odd edges.jpg

connect odd even meshes.c4d

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