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Boole Not Working Properly?

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I've modeled a logo and I'm trying to "attach/intersect" it to a sphere (also tried with a cube) using Boole to make the logo spherical, but for whatever reason my mesh doesn't show up correctly on the shape when using Boole.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can either

1) Make the boole work with a "complex" mesh.

2) Another way to possibly turn this logo into a spherical shape. 




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Hello, and welcome to the cafe


You have to be aware of the rules of modelling. You can't just overlap geometry like this and expect it to be fine when subdivided or put through later processes. Also booles do not work with subdivision because of the disgraceful topology they create, so I'm afraid your current plan is flawed from the outset.


1. If you must use booles then you can't use Subdivision Surfaces.

2. If you can't use SDS, then your geometry needs to be considerably higher poly than it is at the moment so that it looks smooth.

3. You need to model the O's as one object, ideally via the regular poly modelling tools. You could union boole them instead, but then you have booles inside booles which may compound your problem rather than solve it, even if you make the first boole editable. On the plus side, those 2 particular shapes are very easy to combine properly if you know the basic modelling toolset.

4. The sphere should be a hexasphere of roughly the same polygon density as the logo.


Once you have fixed all that your boole stands a chance of working, although we do have to accept that booles are flaky at best, so if it still doesn't work you can try disabling high quality, and messing with the other options, or you can try moving the models slightly, or changing topology / segmentation, some, all, or any of which can sometimes get a failing boole to work.



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