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I am currently in the process  of building a Mineral material library.

All the textures are approximatly 4000 x 4000, all tileable  and have Diffuse, Specular, Roughness, Bump and DIsplacement maps.

I have taken photos for each textures with Nikon macro or micro lenses during trips in the wild or in Natural History Museums in Europe and  handcrafted each of them to obtain the desired material feeling for each maps, especially in Displacement Roughness and Specularity in attempt to reproduce the original materials I had in mind.

These renders are made with Cinema 4d Octane. But the textures will be usable under any other renderer by just laoding them of the desired channels.


I thought they might come in handy for architectural, jewellery or product visualization or for abstracts  and organic renders


I plan to release this collection at a relatively low fair price considering the hard work to build it ...

Hope it may find some interest in the community...


Please feel free to suggest materials you would like to see in this growing library...


0 - Mineral Reign title.jpg


Mineral Reign 01.jpgMineral Reign 02.jpgMineral Reign 03.jpg

Mineral Reign 04 - Cliff Rock.jpgMineral Reign 05.jpgMineral Reign 06.jpg

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  • Added 6 more materials in the library.

    More to come ...

    Feel free to suggest any mineral material you would like to see implemented in this library...


    Mineral Reign 14 - Fossil Coral.jpgMineral Reign 13 - Cave Rock.jpgMineral Reign 15 - Pebble 01.jpg

    Mineral Reign 16 - Pebble 02.jpgMineral Reign 17 - Pebble 03.jpgMineral Reign 18 - Golden Veins 03.jpg

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  • Thank you spiralstairs I will offer a few downscale samples before the release so those who want to test them can enjoy a little preview... ;) 
    Stay tuned, there are much more to come...

    And also feel free to suggest other mineral materials that I could implement in the library...


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    I love the fact that the materials have rather unique patterns with good veining.  Are you generating all channels from the original images themselves and are you making them tileable?    If so, may I suggest trolling through https://www.thestonecollection.com website.


    Just select the inventory link at the top and they have all types of stone categorized for you.  In most cases, the images are pictures of stone slabs and therefore are pretty much unusable, but occasionally they have a high resolution image of just the stone pattern which could be used for texture generations.


    Here is an example image from their web-site and probably something that would be a good addition to your library:  petrified wood




    This is just an example as the original image that  I downloaded was 7153 x 3462 pixels in size and over 21 Mb.    It can be found here


    Not sure what digital rights issues apply to using these images for graphics work as their goal is to sell stone and not the images of the stone.  But if the goal is to create architectural materials, going to sites that sell the actual materials (eg. marble, wood flooring, tile) usually provides a good source of images.


    I hope this helps.  If not, then hopefully the suggestion of adding petrified wood to your collection is at least a good suggestion.



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  • Hi Dave

    Thanks for your kind words. Yes the goal of this library is to have rather unique textures with insight as well a being as close to the real thing as possible and also being quite graphic. Considering we are dealing with unique nature creations, the possibilities are endless...


    And thanks also for suggestion of petrified wood !

    In fact I do  have plans to add some in the library. And I will surely go to shoot some original photos of some that lay in the gardens the Natural history museum in Paris... I have some fossiles on the way too ... ;) 

    I also know a shop in Paris who sell interesting items of real petrified wood, so i'll go ask them if can make some shoots...

    So know it is on my priority list of photos to get ;) ... 


    The idea for this library, as you will see it growing, is to have a large interesting variety of different textures so petrified wood is something unique to build in for sure ! 


    As for the images I used  almost 100 %  used I have shot myself with a Nikon D700 and a 105 mm Macro/micro lens. I'm pretty reluctant using photos on the net for the copyright reasons you mention. Even though the original photo is tweaked and  cropped and patterned and modified in many ways that makes it unrecognizable from the original I don't really want to take some risks.


    To answer your question, yes I'm generating all the different maps f a texture from an original shoot as I do not have the material necessary to 3D scan Textures. So it's quite some work on some materials to get the desired effect, especially in the displacement maps but I guess it's the whole point of building such kind of library ;) ...


    Originally i was also reluctant to reuse some textures I already use to generate a new material. but now I see that it could be a good way to build up a lot fo variety in some materials like for purnice stones which can be of various colors and for Native metals (nuggets or veined for instance) . So I will probably reuse some to provide the user a larger variety of color choices that do exist in reality for some stones, and have some patterns be used for copper, gold, platinum, or silver if the kind of pattern fits to the actual way the mineral is actually crystallized in nature. 

    The idea is still to keep it a real as possible and as graphic and usable as possible ...


    So thanks again for the petrified wood suggestion...  



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    great work.

    can you explain the process  from the beginning to end how to make these texture, like what angel of the camera you use to take the picture, and then convert it to channels?

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