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I love the work you are doing.  For a number of reasons which I won't go into here, relative to pricing, one thing which I would like to direct your attention to is  Poliigon Textures.     You purchase credits either in blocks or on a monthly or annual subscription plan and can then use the credits for individual texture purchases.    All textures and texture maps come in a variety of sizes and you are essentially using one credit for each texture/texture map.  You want color, diffuse, normal then it is 3 credits total regardless of size.     If you want the bump map as well, that is another credit (4 total).

Now, I will admit that the web-page really makes this system sweet to use but it is rather powerful  for the user because it is a GREAT way to search for textures and  you are only paying for exactly what you need (meaning what you are going to immediately use). 


Personally, I would like to see more texture developers sell in this manner....but I know that the web-development is probably not trivial (and creating quality  textures is hard enough).





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  • Hi Dave ! Thanks for encouraging.

    Yes I know the work of Poliigon Textures, they are doing an amazing job ! 

    With great quality and ease of use service.

    I have not checked the way I can commercialize the collection ye.

    Iim still focusing on building the collection so far.

    May be I could do small thematic packs inside the collection itself. 

    I already plan two collections to keep the price fairly low

    My idea is to sell each collection at approximatly 30 to 35 euros

    for 60 materials with 4 to 5 maps included at the best resolution I could get it.

    So far everyone in the community seems to think it is a really fair price

    for in the end it is something like 50 to 60 cents for each material including all maps.


    But I think it would be difficult for me in the beginning to generate

    such a strong system of sales as the one use by Poliigon Textures,

    as i'm not a company and I'm all by myself in this.

    If the first collection sells well may be I can get some help in building such a system.
    I'll look into this possibilty into a near future.

    Meanwhile, let's keep growing the collection with the best quality i can provide ;) ...




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  • Two more textures added in the library :

    Mossy granites in 11300 x 7800 and 7600 x 6700

    with diffuse, specular, roughness, bumps and displacement maps.

    More to come...




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    This is a seriously handsome and impressive set of textures. You have another customer, so hurry up!  :-)

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  • Thanks for being so encouraging StCanvas.

    I'm finishing an important work and I have some few corrections to make on the collection before I can serioulsy release it ! ;)

    I'll start to post again in about 10 days coming back with more materials and some informations about the release ...



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    By the way, although I'll take them any way they come, if you're canvasing opinion, then I vote for a Vray version and an Arnold version.  :-)

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  • Hi St Canas 
    Thnks for suggesting the vray and Arnold.

    I've been a user of these renderers beofe but i'm not so familiar with them anymore.

    So i'm not sure I can rod the necessary tweaking to make these materials coherent myslef.

    I'm sure a regular user of vray and Arnold would do this in seconds. It's only i'm not to familiar with these renderers.

     So in the beginning I will release the library as is with the octane material settings on top.

    and of course if I find myself able to do it I'll provide the Vray and Arnold settings as well.

    I wish I could be a company and have a team helping me on this,

    but i'm just a regular guy trying to build something nice and usefull.

    So this may require a little more patience.

    What I can say is that when I release the textures + the octane material settings, 

    Other renderer users who buy it will have the Vray and Arnold update for free.


    Also be aware that I'll very likely provide and orbx format for the Octane materials

    so users of octane for 3D studio Max, Maya, Daz or any other integrated plugin of Octane will be bale to use them too...

    And this without rising the price , to keep the library price avialable for a majority of people

    So yes I'll try to make as much cross plateform as possible.
    And also the vast majority of texture can be plugged into each channels in octane a is
    This is why I kept the node editor as simple as possible, 
    with just the textures and and color correction node
    so users can just tweak the contrast, power or gamma
    but most of the time my settings are set to default
    and I try to do most of my adjustements on the tiff files themselves.
    So ultimatley these could even be used with other renderers like vray or Arnold too and as is very easily I guess...



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  • You can now download a preview of the collection "Mineral Reign I"

    containing 8 materials and 40 texture maps

    out of the  the 62 materials and more than 340 texture maps for the final collection.


    I have included a .C4D file containing the octane Material settings

    as well as an .orbx file to be use by octane standalone or any 3D pap using Octane as renderer.

    The texture maps have been downsized to 1024x1024

    while the original library contains 2k to 5k maps.


    The texture maps themselves can of course be used also in Arnold or Vray...

    All including Diffuse, Specular, Roughness, Bump, Displacement and normal maps.


    Hope you will enjoy them...






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  • Thanks caveman,

    It should be released pretty soon now

    I'm just checking some last adjustments to be sure everything is set fine...

    Stay tuned I'll be be back for more ...

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  • I have finally released the Mineral Reign collection :


    it contains 64 mineral Materials

    - with 340 textures, Diffuse, Specular, Roughness, Bump, DIsplacement and Normal Maps.

    - A .c4D file with all the materials settings for Cinema4D Octane.

    -Orbx files containing all the materials settings and maps to be used With Octane Standalone or any 3D appication using OCtane as renderer.


    it's a 15go material and texture collection.


    I hope you'll have fun using these materials.

    If you happen to do some great art with the material just post it here or mail it to me.

    I'll be glad to see how you enjoyed the materials and took benefit from them in your art.




    by using the code "c4dcafe" you can get a 10 % promotional discount on the collection during the month to come (April)


    NEW UPDATE : Gumaroad has fixed the previous issue which was hiding the offer code, and now the code can be used to purchase with 10 % off ...




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    I would comment that I think you might be making a mistake by majoring on Octane. Logic suggests that any collection of materials for C4D should have, as its starting point, a native C4D set. You can also have your Octane, Vray, Arnold etc versions sitting along side but there should be a C4D native set given that that will be the most used render engine. While it might be easy enough to distribute the textures amongst the various channels, you're making a giant number of potential customers jump through hoops that they shouldn't have to and that's going to put a great number of buyers off at the first hurdle. Further to that, while I have no idea of the actual figures, my guess is that Octane is one of the lesser used engines for C4D, on a par perhaps with Arnold, so it could be argued that the order should run something like C4D native, Vray, Octane, Arnold, other.


    Great set of texture, all the same. This set will definitely be at the front of my mind next time I have some stone in a render.

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