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Enhanced Follow Spline - Xpresso Tool

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Hi Everyone


So, if you are tired of using the the same Align-to-spline TAG because it sucks when it comes to loop or to go negative (and also loop negatively) and don´t want to buy plugins, or using mograph, or spline constraint (because this one also sucks) , don't worry. 

I created a simple tool with Xpresso that does the job in the ways we need.


The instructions are simple: just merge the file (EFS.c4d) or copy from other file, and then move the Align-to-spline TAG to the object you want to align. Then child the null or leave it. You'll always need these two objects (tag and null) for each object you want to align, so merge as many as you need. The controls of the tag are in the null (enhanced follow spline).

There is also a layer called EFS just to hide unnecessary items.


By the way, i don't know if there is a similar tool like this out there (hope there is) , but since i found none just to say that i didn't copy this from anyone's work.


That's it. Hope you enjoy it.




PS: if you have questions about it, just say it



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Have you tried using the Camera Crane to achieve what you want to do?  It has some pretty good controls for pitch, banking etc.  Just move the tag from the camera object and place it on the object you want to animate.  Load a spline into the Base link, zero out base height, arm length, head height and width and turn on compensate pitch and heading.  




File is attached as well:


camera crane as follow spline tool.c4d


Again, not sure if this meets your needs but it does offer far more controls than what is found in your typical Align-to-Spline tag.


I hope this helps.


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  • Hi Dave


    Thanks for your idea. I never imagined this tag could have such rich features.

    However this system also clamps the position of the object between 0 and 100% wich limits the move of an object in a closed spline. My ideia with the enhanced follow spline was to enable the possibility of making a object move along a closed spline (exp:circle) in a infinite way, positive and negative.


    But i think i can also do the same xpresso with the camera crane and un-clamp the position. It could be a nice feature.


    thanks for tip


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