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Hi. I'm using the inheritance effector to morph a spline of the USA into the the shape of California. I've got a voronoi fracture object on this shape to distribute points. But as the shape morphs, the fractures "jump" -- it's a very jerky transition. Is there any way to smooth this out? Not sure how well I've described the setup, but I've included my scene file as well as a screencap:




You can see the discs disappearing and reappearing. I'm hoping there's a way to keep the same number of discs throughout the morph, and that they don't disappear and reappear.


Thank you for any advice or any pointers to resources you might think of.





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It's because you are using a Voronoi Fracture and the fractured pieces change as it morphs. In other words, each Voronoi Fracture is not morphing, it is actually changing because the Voronoi Fracture is generating the pieces on the fly. The discs are "jumping" because the fractured parts are literally changing.


What you need to do, in principle, is convert the Voronoi Fracture to subdivided polygons of the shapes of the USA and California, morph those polygons from USA to California so they remain constant pieces and then you could place the discs using Cloner Object using a Distribution of Surface, Polygon Centers or whatever suits your needs of that shape.You need to have each piece not cross over another and be relatively consistent shapes moving to relatively consistent places even if they rotate slightly and move.


I hope that makes sense.

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None of those functions are in C4D Lite, so no idea why that's in your profile rather than the version you are actually using !







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