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Hopefully this is the correct forum for my question...


I'm attempting to build a model that consists of these parameters:

  1. lines radiating from a central point.
  2. some level of control over the length of these lines
  3. at the end of each line is a particle
  4. curved splines are connecting between all those particles (think of flight paths on a globe connecting destinations)


So far i've been able to create the radiating lines with two different methods:

  1. cloning particles (.01cm cubes) onto spheres, animating their position, using a random effector to give variety to the distance the particles travel , and attaching tracers
  2. using hair to create the radiating lines and applying a texture in the density channel of the hair material to control the length


I've also been able to create the curved splines using the pConnector plugin and an attractor. My problem is I haven't figured out how to combine those two parts, the radiating lines and the curved splines of the graphic into one connected system. I'm looking for a solution to connect the curved splines between the particles at the end of the lines and ideally have that be procedural. I have a couple specific questions:

  1. Can objects/particles be attached to the end of hairs in a hair object?
  2. Is there a way to procedurally connect splines to those particles?
  3. Or should I be approaching this using another technique, like using tracers with particle animation, and then somehow connecting splines to those particles?


Sorry about this being long-winded, but i wanted to give specifics to hopefully make it easier to answer my questions. I've also attached a render of part of my scene to illustrate what I'm trying to create. In that render, you can tell that the curved splines do not connect to the endpoints of the straight lines.


Thanks to anyone who has the time/insight to help me out.



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