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Cinema 4D spline measuring problem

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Help! I'm planning to make something as a cage, and to save real-life measuring time, I have decided to use Cinema 4D to draw that out before realising it. However, when I check the length of spline using attribute manager, I found it's really awkward that the length could hardly be accurate! Like for circles, the circumference(length of spline) is not equal to its diameter *pi. What could I do to get a correct figure? Or what I did wrong that the computer has the calculation? I really needs those calculations to make the real-life cage. 

Thanks so much! 


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For me works as expected. Here are 2 examples. First use formula for circles length. "2*pi*r" or "pi*d" (since both are the same)



For "non-parametric" splines for measuring spline length can be used spline node.



xpresso attached to all your splines simply check spline length and result is send to name of spline.

(math node you can remove, it is in "string" mode for adding name of object, but this part is removed and node is simply "pass thru"



But never check if really result of spline length node get really "real" values. You need to check it on simple cage...


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