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Cinema 4D + Octane Render farm?


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Hi there again,


since i am about to finish my graduation project at my school, which is 5 minute animation made in C4D and Octane, i've realized i have no way to render that at home (got 1x GTX 960), so i am asking you if you know about some affordable render farm, that would be kind enough to offer me some discount. I've already tried to contact animarender, but even tough they are offering to provide 60% discout, i still would have to pay +-800$ which is too much for me. 


So if you know anything, i would be really greatful for your advices. 


Thanks :)

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It's news to me that any render farm exists outside of the official Octane render farm that is owned by Octane.  I thought they did allow any other farm to have a license which was why it's so hard to find any render farm that supports Octane render.  If they still don't let other farms have a license this place must either know and not care or be in a place that doesn't care about licensing stuff which allows them to have a farm there.


What is the estimated render time with only the gtx960 you have?

I ask because buying a gtx1080ti and having it render with the gtx 960 you already have for a week or so might be the best option.


I know it does not help with the current project, but in the future you should try out Cycles or Redshift.  Both are way better than Octane quality and speed wise and have way more render farms which support them.

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Hey thanks for answering. The project has around 8000 frames and my GPU takes about 20 minutes per frame to render in FullHD. Also buying a new GPU Is not optimal for me because my power supply would not be enough for that.


As of trying the other renderers, i will try them in the future, but now all i v

ot Is Octane.

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