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Connect dynamic spline and grow

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I'm trying to connect a spline to a character and when it runs away the spline follows and becomes longer the farther away the character runs.

I connected the spline with a hair tag constraint, added spline dynamics so it moves when the character does, but I don't know how to lengthen the spline in time. 


I was thinking to animate the growth attribute of the sweep nurbs but if I do that how do I connect the spline to the character?




So I'm trying now to use an align to spline and use the growth attribute of the sweep nurbs. But the cube is a child of the character and when I do an align to spline the cube jumps to the beginning of the spline and does not follow the character anymore. How do I fix this?


Thank you in advance


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Without the file I can only guide you a little, but in principle, one thing you could experiment with is use a piece of geometry (if your character is broken into many pieces) or parent a Null to a Joint of the character and zero Position and Rotation on the Null. Then add a Tracer Object (MoGraph>Tracer) to the scene and use the piece of geometry or Null as the Trace Link. That trace link can then be used as the basis for a Sweep or something else as required for your project.



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6 hours ago, Cynni said:

How do I fix this?

You don't. You are telling the cube to be in 2 different places at once with that setup so that's not going to work.

It would be a lot easier to tell you what is going to work if we had the scene file...





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