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1 minute ago, Cerbera said:

I do wonder if that cone falloff is translatable to the light falloff along the length of it, if you see what I mean ?

That's why I mentioned using a Range Mapper in Xpresso and changing the Cone Falloff Size. It's a fake for sure, but an easy one and essentially gives the same results without more time being spent on changing geometry. 


I think from previous posts with this skull, they are doing other things with it, so it might not be easy to just change it for this purpose anyway.


PolyFX might help more easily break up the geometry, but I think there are more fundamental issues with this method using Light as the source for a Vertex map. Fracture does break those pieces into individual Index numbers and the Plain Effector can be made to move only Objects under its Deformer tab. As you originally said, the mesh needs cleaning up if you're going to try.


It really depends on whether @mattide wants the individual pieces moving or more a "displacement" type move where the geometry of each piece itself needs breaking up.


When all is said and done, I'm biased, but I would still stick to my workaround and definitely so if it's just the individual pieces that need to be influenced by a light and it's falloff.

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@Cerbera @ABMotion Thanks for thinking with me guys!


The goal is indeed to move the individual objects (move up and down, rotate) and not have a geometry break-up.

I will try the two methods you guys described and see which one is most suitable.

In a perfect world the light falloff would indeed translate to the the falloff of the plain effector.
The end use is for animating the whole to music, having the light be my main cue for visual sound reference.

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