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Reset internal scale to 1


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Hi, is it possible to reset an objects internal scale to 1 without affecting its size?
For example: I got an object with scale 3 and size 400. I want scale to go 1 and size remains 400 therefore, affecting only objects internal scale. I am used from 3dsmax where this process is called ResetXform.
Thanks a lot

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11 minutes ago, thanulee said:

Is there an automated way, maybe a script for that? Cause when i get a model with some hundred of parts, i cant do it per object its gonna take a lot of time. ty

Just select all objects either via the object manager or in view port Ctrl A, then freeze, they all get frozen at once.



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The PSR of the object can be changed and it can often be the case that you wish this change to be its initial state.  Any further changes on top of that is hard to monitor when the values are kept from the initial change.  By using Freeze it gives that object a clean slate so to speak as if the Position, Scale and Rotation is at its default location.  When you freeze it zeros all these values out, but your notice that it keeps a record of them should you wish to unfreeze.


This is the way I interpretate for general use.


PS: As Cerbera has pointed out, right clicking on the freeze button and selcting help will bring up the manual and it gives a full detail consequence of not using Freeze.

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One last question. I have a model here with negative scale on one axis. And idk how to fix it, although i froze it, when i try do some mograph stuff, it behaves wrong.

See attached scene, it seems fine, till i change delay effector mode to spring.
I guess those are the parts with the negative scaling which i cant seem to fix. Any thoughts?

https://www.dropbox.com/s/818d2c7b30fn2zs/negative scale issue.c4d?dl=0

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It seems to me your issue is in the Random effctor, what is your desired purpose for the Random effector.  I dont hardly used effectors for my usage, I just noted that in the random effector you have rotation enabled, wouldnt that create random rotations as your getting?


To show that it is not because the freeze is not doing its job, change the Seed of the Random effector and your see that the objects rotated in different polarities.  For instance look at objects 3,4 they rotate in opposite directions, change the seed of the Random effector and they will rotate together, seed 12328 for me produced this effect.   This would indicate that the Random effector is doing what it should do, Randomly rotate each object within the 180 degree rage, in either + - directions.



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