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Reset internal scale to 1


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Its just a test. Random effector doesnt seem the problem. When passing, the objects should and are at their original state despite seed.
Delay does something to all this. And its no coincidence this happens to the negative scaled objects only.
In any case, how can i change the negative scale in any object and keeping it as is? This seems the problem to me even if its frozen.

ps. who models with negative scale... its completely wrong

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Yes exactly, they do have negative Z cause if u see their scale is -32 for example. And this idk how to fix. Im pretty sure, if i manage somehow the scale to be a positive number, everything will be ok. Even now that are frozen, they are wrong.

Do the following also: go to axis center, and press align to world on those objects and u ll see that due to negative scale c4d interprets their z opposite. So even freezing em doesnt fix this. Even if u manually rotate their Z axis still are behaving wrong.

So again it all comes on how to fix the negative scale values, without altering the object size or rotation

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I think the freeze is much wrong workaround. It's intended for other type of work, and when you'll need it there you'll get problems

Actually Reset Scale with "Compensate points" option does what you need

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