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How to create this shape?

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Someone can help me? im trying to do a knife but i cant find a way to create the handle detail with a flawless topology...


Another thing, what books or articles could you recommend me for topology study?


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We should make this with Subdivision Surface modelling. The pic isn't quite large enough to show me the form in enough detail, so I can only give you a general idea about modelling the top half of it. But if you follow the modelling rules I was showing you in your last posts, and the workflow below you shouldn't find it too challenging. This is just one idea for doing this - I did it really roughly and quickly, but if you do it with more time and care you'll get a better / more accurate result...




So these are the main stages. As you can see, it is a good idea to start flat, with the hole at the center, 12 sided disc primitive with inner radius, edit that to better define the shape of it, and then ctrl-drag to extrude (then scale flat) sets of edges out from the 4 'sides' to get the main form. The key is to use evenly distributed regular polys that match the form, so that when you add the curved profile in Stage 4 with 2 symmetrical bend deformers, the topology can support that deformation evenly across the model. The bend deformers were then applied with Current State to Object before we start extruding edges up and down to make the main indent and sides.


Once you have the main form in medium poly detail like this, placing the model under SDS should give you a perfectly subdivided result and you can go round adding control loops to tighten up specific areas (I only did the ones round the hole in my version). 


As for which books to buy, I would honestly say that books probably aren't the answer when there are so many great video tutorials around.

And once you know Cinema's modelling toolset well enough you can follow along modelling tuts for any of the main applications, not just C4D. I like the tutorials of Arrimus 3D on YouTube - he has enough there to keep you busy for 10 years !



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Thanks mate,

I also took a look at Arrimus tutorials, and dude, they're great, anyway

thanks for the quick response.

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