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How to make an Abstract Mountain ?

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Hello C4D Cafe...!!

Can anyone help me I just want a quick tip about this abstract modeling part (See the Attachment)

How can i achieve this type of abstract (I don't knw what i should call this) hill model...?


Please Help..!!


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Accurate titling...

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The easiest way, if you just want any old generic mountain shape is to use a landscape object, which will be fine as long as you keep the segmentation fairly low. Then use a polygon reduction deformer to make it all horrible triangles and low poly. Delete the phong tag to see the facets. 


If you want something more specific, shape-wise, you could box model the general shape in medium poly density, possibly adding a taper deformer to get the general shape and a noise driven displacer to make it go all rough and uneven, then give it Poly Reduction as before.


Or you could sculpt it, either in low poly form initially, or as a full hi res model.



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