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After Effects to C4D tracking

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Seems like almost every time I use the 3D camera tracker in After Effects, and then export the camera into C4D, there's all this micro jerkiness in the camera.  Is there a good way to smooth this out?  I use the detailed analysis in After Effects, to no avail.  What gives?

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There is the Key Reducer for smoothing keyframes in Cinema 4D: https://help.MAXON.net/us/#10626 , however with camera tracking, this is not a method that I would suggest as you are breaking the tracking data.


Tracking data out is mathematical, so if it's jerky in Cinema 4D, then it's jerky out of After Effects.


There is either something wrong with how you're doing your tracking, your tracking footage that is not shot effectively to track in 3D properly or you have a frame mismatch. When you import the footage to After Effects, make sure you know the frame rate the original footage was shot in and ensure After Effects is importing it properly and then check that your settings in Cinema 4D match that frame rate.


The other thing is that there is a Motion Tracker in Cinema 4D R16 (as you have in your Bio), so you may get better results using that instead if your final scene is to be created in Cinema 4D:



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